5 sent of wars


Weapon doesnТt kill people, people kill people.

Wars are nature of people.

All technical achievements we have appear thanks to wars.

Wars are trouble but a lot of people make by them money.

Politics told a lot but in the same time people are dieing.



And God created the species and created men


Trifsik G.


Е.And God created the species and created man. And looked him and said Уhe is goodФ but he was alone and God created woman to help him. [But when He saw her, He said to make her up :-)]


This is fundamental statement. A woman doesnТt resemble man. It is obvious. She isnТt better man and isnТt worse him. All questions about it are popularization and political speculation.


A man and a woman are a single whole. Every one is here to solve different problem. To compare them is impossible. All chats about women rights arenТt legitimate.


Modern world opens infinity opportunity for women. Technical achievements make it easy and fun. Women in modern world can do a lot of thing, may be better that men but there is only one thing that men canТt do. It is a very fundamental thing. Men canТt save domestic atmosphere without women help. It doesnТt mean that women need to cook, to do wash up and to look after children without working and self-actualization. But every one must realize if women will left home and will take part in all social life all nation will in big trouble. We will have badly brought up children and social antagonisms will increase. We already have a lot of social antagonisms and it is going to be worse.


Every part must to be in right place and do right things. We always can look at the experience of these social changes. We need to discuss the problems together, to solve it and no to combat.


As for me, I think men have to understand what nowadays women look for, and women have to realize that no one can live without another.аа









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Dear Ser or Madam


We want to rent a small video camera that produces a professional quality image for one month. We want to enquiring if you rent machines and what your prices.


I look forward to hear from you


Faithfully yoursа


Office manager



Bush's Victory


In the end, AmericaТs presidential election closed with a George BushСs victory and the scope of the RepublicanТs victory for both the USA and the world should not be underestimated.

ааа Kerry recognized his defeat before hand.

ааа Bush won the election despite of KerryТs victory in exit polls.

ааа BushТs victory gave his party more comfortable position in congress.

ааа The first victory was accidental but the second one is much more impressive.

ааа After all, Bush has in a sense been here before.

ааа Bush has many problems and the most important aim is to unite the nation.

ааа Bush must lead the country out of the economic crisis.



Can wars be justified


Can wars be justified?


We can speak as long as we want but we will never stop wars. It is nature of people. As said one of the famous actors Уnot weapon kill people, people kill peopleФ, he was killed in that film, by the way.


Probably it is possible to live without wars but it is not interesting. In fact all technical and medical achievements that we have all are thanks to wars. Actually we would not do a step without of danger, and the war is the hugest danger.


What about Iraq, as for me this country has no chance to live in peace. There is a lot of oil and Europe & USA could not look at these riches are wasted without aim. US Company found a lot reason to conduct military policy in Iraq. It was not so difficult. After 11th of September US precedent and society was broken and agreed to do all the company said. USA was in trouble. Some cheap oil could help the country. The nation needed some enemy to unit against. The enemy was found. At first it was Afghanistan. When companies obtain incomes and they could not stop. They can not stop also today.


Surely war is big trouble for peoples and countries but it inherent part of people activity.


Comparison of lives of John Smith and Radger


Comparison of lives of John Smith and Rodgerаааааа аа(work, leisure, home and family)


These people are both from Britain. But they arenТt similar to each other and they both are happy. John is a professional married man, has a good job, a wife and children. Rodger isnТt married and doesnТt earn good money.



а John works in an office in London. Rodger hates closed space, offices and office things like computers, phones. Rodger is a gardener. He works in fresh air, loves country side, plants, flowers, trees.аааааааааааааа



а After work John relaxes in front of the TV or watches a video. He goes for a walk with his pet every day. At weekends he goes to see shows, meets friends in a local pub for a drink or eats in restaurants. He usually goes o holidays abroad.

аа After work Rodger cooks eveningТs food for him and his girlfriend. He collects old radios so in free time he mends them. At weekends they go to different seals.ааааа



а John owns a comfortable detached house near London. Rodger has a small flat in London.



а John has a wife and two children. Rodger lives with girlfriend,

doesnТt have any children.



Dear Elena


Dear Elena


I am learning English and have some problems with it. I would like you to help me if you could. I would like to repeat few subjects like verbs with УingФ, modal verbs and sentences with ifа (conditionals).аа


I hope you will find time to explain these subjects to me. I am looking forward to see you soon.


Beforehand thank you


Your truly.





Why drugs such as nicotine and alcohol are legal?



Drugs are very old problem of our society. We have a lot of bad habits; our children start smoking very quickly. Many people have problems with drugs. Nowadays market is full of different sorts of drugs. However struggle that all governments have with drugs it is not success.


ааааааааааа My own opinion, it unsuccessful is money.а I believe that if government wants anything it can do it. I do not see any reason to be unsuccessful in this war. Of course there are a lot of difficult decisions. It is a very hard work to save and control these parts of people lives. If you think how much money businessmen pay every year to politicians and government workers such police and custom-house bosses you will be crazy. Billons of dollars are spent every year only for bribes. It seems imposable but it is true. Resent survey has shown that all countries which have problems with criminal reason for it is government.


ааааааааааа What about bad habits such alcohol and nicotine I think taxes so height that government can not make them illegal. A lot of people do not want to give up their bad habits and government can not ban it because it legal for a long time.


ааааааааааа However, all these hardship society has been giving up it slowly last time. Nowadays you can see notices УNO SMOKINGФ in all public plaices, plans and trains.


ааааааааааа But I think we could decide these problems only after each person to do decision for himself to give up bad habits.



Good Manners


Good manners


Nowadays itТs easy to travel to all over the world. We live in global village. But we have different customs and manners. If you want to be success in business you have to know your foreign friendТs manners.

This knowledge will give you a lot of information about your friends and you can understand them better.

For example:

аа The Japanese donТt shake hands. If you donТt know it you can think that they are unfriendly but it isnТt true. They are your friends but their manners donТt similar to your one.

а The British are happy to have a business lunch but the Japanese prefer not to discuss business matters during the meal. The Germans like to talk business before dinner but the French like to eat first.

а The Americans find it difficult to accept the more formal Japanese manners.


Good manners are very important things in business everywhere



Hold the front page translate


Trifsik G.


Hold the front page


1.      The editor holds the first editorial conference of the day at 7 a.m. The journalists are told about stories that are going to appear this day in the paper. Pressmen are tasked. After that they have some phones to set up interview.

2.      The main subject of the day is succeeded transplant surgery operation on babyТs heart keeping alive on with an artificial heart. The operation was made by famous surgeon. The journalist tries to hold of the surgeon and to find out the technique he is using, how complicated it was and how the baby is now. The journalist applies for information to press office. But there he doesnТt have information he is directed to press conference (release). Then he tries impromptu to link with cardiac transplant and to speak to babyТs parents. But the ward sister directs him to press office too.а There is the surgeon who shows the x-ray pictures of babyТs thorax. At first his own big heart and then man made device that kept baby alive without his heart and then donorТs heart. At any rate it is superseded information it is exact information. No one will accuse journalists of truth distortion.

3.      Thematic article is about world cup and reverend who settled down to watch it in his church. It is hard to fancy and it can seems silly. Reverend is sure that it is the way to connects Christian faith and peopleТs interests with.

4.      Full steam ahead! With time approaching the articles are editing. Supplements are collecting and going to printing press.



Life in monastery camperison


Life in monastery camperison.


аа Life in monastery isnТt very exciting. People devote there their lives to solitude and prayer. All of them arenТt married and live all their time in the monastery. They spent 95% of their time alone. They donТt speak to anyone for a long time. But there are good things too.

аа People think about life, God, earth and mankind. They study philosophy and secret know legers. They know many different things. Ordinary people have exciting and fast life. They need to think about money, family, friends; houses, cars and they donТt have time and power to think about high things and philosophy.



Little red riding hood


Trifsik G.


Little red riding hood


Once upon a time there was little red riding hood. She was little pretty girl and tried to listen to her mother. Once her mother asked her to go through the forest and to bring some cakes to her granny.а She had to admit that she didnТt want to go but mother asked so she went. She went through the forest as she went on a business trip. But she didnТt take for granted wolf. He felt relief when he saw where Hood was going. He focused on his work and ran to the granny house.

Believe it or not but he ate the granny and leaped into her bed waiting the Hood. The hood when she was near the house felt something wrong. She plucked up courage and entered to the house. When she came in she made an excuse and asked thousands of questions. Wolf was in panic and didnТt know what to do. She hidden her disappointment about situation that she was. She thought that wolf was more tactful and at least offered her cup of coffee. She brought the cake by the way. But wolf thought only to eat her as he did with granny as well. Hood was little but she understood what the wolf wanted. She ran to woodcutters and begged them to help her. Woodcutters came killed the wolf and rescue the granny. The hood had to give them cakes she brought but she decided to eat herself because she worked hard.



My ideas of happiness


My ideas of happiness. What is it?


аа I think that mankind can be happy now and they donТt need anything for it. What does a person need for happiness? Anything!!! If you think about these simple things you can understand that you donТt need anything for it.

а If you can breathe and you are healthy you are happy. IsnТtа it? After that, you need many things. Women and children,а who you love and of course money. Money isnТt most important thing but it helps you to do many different things. But the joy is mild compared with the joy of health. Health is impotent in peopleТs life. If you and your family are healthy you are the happiest person.



Sister Wendy



Sister WendyТs life.


Sister Wendy is a nun. She lives in a caravan in the grounds of Carmelite monastery in Norfolk. She isnТt a simple nun. She has a remarkable other life. Every few months she leaves her caravan and travel round Europe. She writes and presents an arts programme for BBC television. In it she visits European art capitals and gives her opinion on some of the worldТs most famous works of art. TV-viewers love her common- sense wisdom. She enjoys going on tour. Her love of God and art is matched only by her love of good food and wine. When she goes on tour she is staying in international hotels and eating in famous restaurants. She doesnТt like to watch TV program. She spends 95 per sent of her time in solitude contemplation. She is famous but it doesnТt affect her.



The automobile has brought more harm than good to the planet


Trifsik G.


The automobile has brought more harm than good to the planet


The modern world can not exist without cars and oil. We use cars everywhere. For example we can not produce the agriculture product; we can not transport a thing from one part of the world to other without cars, even from one part of country to another one. The car is very useful gadget that human invent. But as usual it has an underside. The cars brought a lot of accident. Thousands of people die every year in car accidents in the world. Bat the most disaster thing that has brought cars to the modern world is the global pollution. The global pollution is a global problem. Mankind must oppose to this trouble together. The Greens all round the world try to protect nature. They try to discuss and to prove that there is a problem and they want to find the solution to this problem. We can try to do what we want but we can not change anything. Progress and science bring not only good but harm ether. Car is one of those things. The global warning leaded to the greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect is unquestionably real and helps to regulate the temperature of our planet. It is essential for life on Earth and is one of Earth's natural processes. It is the result of heat absorption by certain gases in the atmosphere (called greenhouse gases because they effectively 'trap' heat in the lower atmosphere) and re-radiation downward of some of that heat. Water vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas, followed by carbon dioxide and other trace gases. Without a natural greenhouse effect, the temperature of the Earth would be about zero degrees F (-18░C) instead of its present 57░F (14░C). So, the concern is not with the fact that we have a greenhouse effect, but whether human activities are leading to an enhancement of the greenhouse effect.


Our activity is leading us to effects. So, we are in trouble as usual.


The happiest person in different countries in the world


The happiest person in different countries in the world.


People think that they need many different things for happiness. Really, it isnТt true. An average person needs to have some things in his life and he is a blissfully happy man. There are some of them:

а A person is happy if he has who he loves, health for him and for his relatives, some money and children of course, because with none of them life is very boring and isnТt interesting. But in different countries people have different opinions about happiness. For example in Britain the happiest person is a professional married man, between the age of 35 end 54. He doesnТt live in London, but has a steady job in an office in London. He has a wife and two children. Has a pet, usually a dog. He earns good money. At the weekends, he eats in restaurants. He goes on holiday abroad more than once a year. His wife has a job and runs the house.

аа In Israel the happiest person is a man who has money, good friends and doesnТt think about future, because Israel isnТt a steady country.

аа In Russian people work very hard and do not earn enough money. They work long hours, come home late and go to slip because they need to get up early in the morning. Often people have more then one job and work during their holidays and weekends. Their life isnТt good and happy. But in Russian, there line the happiest people. They drink vodka a lot, every where and every time at work, at home. They donТt need many things.


In the USA situation is similar in kind to situation in Britain. I think so any way.


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